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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
Prerelease Sampler
be excellent to each other Druid Four Winds

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Druid Four Winds is a Pagan rock opera written by Trickster of Loke E. Coyote. It tells a tale of gods, goddesses, men, women, birth, life, death, reincarnation, love, hate, trust, betrayal, freedom and responsibility. The story is told musically thru two dozen songs, thirteen of which are included on this sampler disk. This enhanced CD also contains lyrics to all twenty four songs which tell the complete story, plus a special bonus track recorded live at Trickster's Fourt Annual Valentine's Day Party.

The music is performed by some of our very favorite musicians. Dana Davis sings the lead part of Flower, and there's no one else who could even come close to her performances. For each song, she gave her all, totally immersing herself in the appropriate emotions. There were times when she radiated light, and others where she scared the hell out of us! Dana also wrote the music for two of the songs: Vision Quest and Dark Side, but you'll have to wait for the full release to hear them. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. We gave her lyrics and she came back with an aria! Loke E. Coyote rocks, but Dana adds the opera.

All the members of SONA have also been quite helpful. Beltana Spellsinger's awesome blues vocals, Joe Credit's incredible guitar expertise and Joe Credit III's great mandolin work have done wonders to make this project possible. Dreamtrybe's Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard add their special magick to the blend, and Lynda didn't even mind when we borrowed her line "We do not die" for Demeter and Hestia. Doc Grauzer plays Celtic harp on several of the songs, including At the Faire, which is the opening number of the rock opera. Doc's not only talented, but a great guy, and there's nothing like crawling into the Pagan tea room early in the morning and hearing him play as you drink your first cup of weak-assed Pagan tea coffee. Mick D'arcy's powerful vocals are perfectly suited to the character of Hermes the messenger of the gods. You'll see what we mean when you listen to Nobody's Pawn. Starwind of the Raft IS the Greenman! Jammin Sam plays some sweet violin and hopefully some cello and viola on the final version. Gretchen McMahon throws in some very tasty guitar work on several of the songs and Barbi Hatch of Galapagos adds the fairie vocals on Beltane, plus some kick ass performances on Vision Quest and Try Try Again. Charley Stacy of Gypsy Fire also sings on these two songs, but you don't get to hear them until the full package is released.

And I suppose we should mention the Denison Choir too. All of SONA, SilverDrake Fey and Moonrose sang the first three verses of At the Faire, and then Moonrose and Trickster hit upon the idea of taping a room full of happy drunken party goers and adding it to the mix. This disk contains a bonus track where you can hear a bit of the Fourth Annual Valentines Day Party, including Joe Credit III's pep talk which prepared everyone for the recording. And yes, it WAS as much fun as it sounds!

Druid Four Winds is still a work in progress and we hope to release the full two disk set, which will include a booklet containing all lyrics, credits and lots of artwork, sometime in the summer of 2001ce. Many of the songs on this disk will eventually change, but the current versions are already quite tasty. We're also planning on a stage show and concert performances beginning in the fall.

Musically, this is by far the best work Loke E. Coyote has ever done. It didn't hurt to have so many talented musicians jamming on it either. The disk is available via mail order for only $15. CLOSE OUT SALE FOR ONLY $7! check out our mail order page Check out our online disk store for details.

Titles in large print are included on the sampler disk.
Click on a song title to see the lyrics:
Act One Act Two
At the Faire Clear Space
Pan and Aphrodite The Cleanse
Vision Quest Choices
Mitosis I'll Kill You
Beltane You'll Never Know
The Great Rite Litany Against Fear
Joy Invocation
Cold Feet Demeter and Hestia
Chaos and Uncertainty Nobody's Pawn
Dark Side Intra Venus
Dark Dance Kali
I Don't Wanna Go Try Try Again

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