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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
Clear Space
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Clear Space

The Story
As the second act opens, Stag has gone to a Pagan gathering leaving Flower behind. He phones her and realizes she is going to leave him, but experiences a profound sense of peace, clarity and spiritual connection.

Trickster: guitars, harmonica, whistle, vocals
Jammin Sam: violin
all lyrics and music by Trickster


here in the peacefulness of Wolvenwold
the nights are chilly but it's not too cold
practicing religions from days of old
clearly I see how it will unfold

a planetary mitosis is what she prophesized
now I see it happening right before my eyes
the world of perfect love and trust that one day will arise
in the peacefulness of Wolvenwold I hear it's birthing cries

as darkness and light now take their separate courses
as cooperation replaces coercive forces
I witness the quickening at its very source
and joyfully leap upon this mighty horse

I came here by myself but I'm never alone
in the midst of this I think of you and call you on the phone
clarity's amazing and there's so much I perceive
and though you tell me nothing, I realize you're gonna leave

and though Id have imagined that this would bring me grief
the burden on my shoulders lifts and fills me with relief
I realize I'm better off in this new space that I've found
in the peacefulness of Wolvenwold upon this sacred ground

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