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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
You'll Never Know
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You'll Never Know

The Story
Flower torments Stag by telling him he will never know the fate of their child. She threatens to poison the unborn baby with drugs and alcohol, and says she might let it be born and then abandon it with pedophiles or other unsavory characters.

Trickster: guitars, bass, vocals
Dana Davis: vocals
Tabber Millard: drums
Lynda Millard: flute
Gretchen McMahon: guitar
all lyrics and music by Trickster


What about the boy?
you'll always wonder
What about the boy?
You'll never know
What about the boy?
Has he gone under?
What about the boy?
what kind of poisons flow
thru his veins, it will drive you insane
I could be shooting heroin, I could be drinking alcohol
and whatever state I'm in, your unborn son will feel it all
can he take the worst of it, and then a little more
will he be born a junkie, maybe two months premature
will he live? will he die? where will he go
you'll never know
you'll never know

What about the boy?
you'll always wonder
What about the boy?
you'll never know
What about the boy?
does he know hunger
What about the boy?
does he even know his own name?
or did I pickle his brain
is he living in a foster home in Baptist Tennessee
is he rotting in a ditch somewhere that nobody can see
have I fed him to, the sharks and crocodiles
have I left him with, some nasty pedophiles
will he wind up with a tag upon his toe
that says "John Doe"
you'll never know

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