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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
Try Try Again
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Try Try Again

The Story
This is the powerful climax to the rock opera, and the moral of the story too. Stag and Flower rail against the gods and goddesses for all that has happened to them. Hermes is quick to inform them that they have been acting of their own free will and have only themselves to blame. He then reintroduces the four incarnations of Druid Four Winds. They tell of their past lives, of learning, sharing and love, and of the inevitability of the next incarnation, albiet to different parents. The song ends with the opening riff from At the Faire to symbolizing the circular and cyclic nature of life.

Trickster: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Tabber Millard: drums
Fruitcake: bass
Dana Davis: vocals
Mick D'arcy: vocals
Charley Stacy: vocals
Barbi Hatch: vocals
Sun: vocals
all lyrics and music by Trickster


How have we angered you goddesses and gods?
What have we done to put the universe at odds?
Why have you cursed us thus?
What have you got against us?
What have we done to you?
What did we do? What did we do?

It never was a question of punishment or  wrath
It's always been a matter of choosing your path
the goddesses and the gods can only set the stage
it's up to men and women to put ink upon the page

only you can judge if you've been naughty or nice
we can only watch and try to give advice
and as the story ends, so it also begins
now hear the words of Druid Four Winds

for thousands of years I've explored this world
hundreds of lifetimes my soul has unfurled
each time there are lessons to study and learn
and every time I die, there's so much more, I must return

it's time once again to live and learn and grow
time to share with others all the secrets that I know
time for me to choose another father and a mother
time to share the love and trust of family with each other

though it didn't work out here, there's no need to despair
for nothing can prevent my birth, I'll live again somewhere
and though there are so many things I might have shared with you
perhaps you have already learned a lesson or two

opportunities and obstacles are free for the taking
you've always had the power of decision making
Druid Four Winds will incarnate again
there’s never been a lack of fertile women and men

try, try again
try, try again
try, try again
try, try again
where I'll wind up, don't you ask me
but Druid Four Winds will be free
free, free, free, free, FREE!

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