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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
The Great Rite
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The Great Rite

The Story
After dancing the maypole, Stag and Flower retire to their tent. They cast circle, invoke Pan and Aphrodite, and perform the Great Rite. They ask the Lord and Lady to give them a child and their request is granted.

Trickster: guitars, vocals
Dana Davis: vocals
Thomas "Doc" Grauzer: harp
Jammin Sam: violin
all lyrics and music by Trickster


Spirits of the east, air, the breath of life
will you be my husband?
will you be my wife?
will you be my Lady?
will you be my Lord?
will you be my chalice?
will you be my sword?
will you be my Aphrodite?
will you be my Pan?
will you be my woman?	
will you be my man?

    together we will take up our chosen stance
    together our DNA will spiral dance
    and as the flames climb high into the Beltane night
    together you and I now celebrate the Great Rite

Spirits of the south, fire in our hearts
there are no endings
there are no starts
I will be your Lady
I will be your Lord
I will be your chalice
I will be your sword
I will be your Aphrodite
I will be your Pan
I will be your woman
I will be your man


Spirits of the west, the water of life
you are my husband
you are my wife
you are my Lady
you are my Lord
you are my chalice
you are my sword
you are my Aphrodite
you are my Pan
you are my woman
you are my man


Spirits of the north, earth, our mother
join with us now as we join with each other
we call to the Lady, we call upon the Lord
we raise up the chalice, we raise up the sword
we call to Aphrodite, we call upon Pan
come to this woman
come to this man


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