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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
Pan And Aphrodite
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Pan and Aphrodite

The Story
Stag and Flower have met and fallen in lust. Taking on the personalities of Pan and Aphrodite, they playfully chase each other in an ages old mating dance.

Trickster: guitars, bass, harmonica, Pan pipes, vocals
Dana Davis: vocals
Tabber Millard: drums
all lyrics and music by Trickster


I am Aphrodite
and I am Pan
great Goddess almighty
oh man, oh man
I caught a glimpse of you thru the bushes and the trees
you got my heart a poundin and I'm wobbly in the knees
frolic in the woods with me a while if you please
tell me all you know about the birdies and the bees

    Pan and Aphrodite, women and men
    Pan and Aphrodite, merry meet again
    Pan and Aphrodite, since way back when
    Pan and Aphrodite, it's always happenin
    Pan and Aphrodite, we do the mating dance
    Pan and Aphrodite, we wear the goatskin pants
    Pan and Aphrodite, eyes meet in sultry glance
    Pan and Aphrodite, every time we get the chance

I am a nymph
I am a satyr
a lusty little nymph
a horny satyr
I'll show you my Pan pipe, maybe play a couple notes
I'm Venus on a half shell, would you like to float my boat?
when I look at you I want to sew some wild oats
sheep can go to heaven but I'd rather play with goats


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