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Pagan Music Sites
link Cherries-n-Silk Cherries-N-Silk is a powerful mix of electronica, techno, 80.s dance, energy, and grind. Throughout the last 11 years Cherries-N-Silk has reincarnated itself several times. Now in the spotlight again, and with the last originating member, Sun, who is still in the groove of things. With Uno & Iggy; on hand-drums, and as always Sun as the leading lady on vocals & keyboards, Cherries-N-Silk has evolved into a great masterpiece of music, magic, and sexuality. They drive the masses wild with every bass line, finger point out into the crowd, or in-depth lyric, the dance floor becomes a mad mass of dancing, grinding, and glowing bodies.
link Elvendrums What can you say about a bunch of elves with drums other than "YOW! They must be fun!!"? Elvendrums play faerie tunes, a capela bagpipes, lots of drums, silly games and with your head. We're still not sure if we have more fun playing our stuff or listening to theirs! So if you're walking in the woods on a dark moon night and you hear and see something strange yet compelling, maybe you've stumbled onto Elvendrums! Weeeeeee!!!
link Green Crown If you are looking for psychedeleceltic music (and who isn't?) you should check out Green Crown. The band is as fluid as their music, ranging from 3 to 12 members at any given gig. The core of the band is a (stringed) harp playing bard named Prydwyn and a sweet cello/mandolin player named Diana. Check em out!
link Kiva KIVA is a percussive, upbeat, Celtic-style worldbeat folk ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the spirit. The band blends strong vocal harmonies with rich and diverse folk style instrumentation, performing originals, traditionals and covers.
link Music For The Goddess Music For The Goddess celebrates the Goddess in song. There's songs to uplift your spirits, songs to dance to, songs to sing along with, songs that may bring a tear to your eye, and songs that can find you in a trance. I haven't heard them yet but they are fronted by someone named "Voxwoman". I figure since link Witchvox is awesome and my Vox Wah pedal is excellent, how can you go wrong?
link Pagan Rock on the Web Much of the music labeled "Pagan" seems to fall into the accoustic and "new age" categories, fine music which emphesizes the qualities of air and water. But somebody out there must be playing with earth and fire! This page is dedicated more towards rocking music from bands which include Pagan musicians, often with Pagan themes.
link Dreamtrybe (formerly Velvet Hammer) Velvet Hammer is one of the most awesome bands around these days! They prefer to think of themselves as a "rock band with Pagan members" as opposed to a Pagan band, but songs like Blessed Be, Come Down, My Aphrodite and Sun practically drip magick. Visit their site and then go see them!
Pagan Online Shops
link Awake the Witch Awake The Witch is a fine source of Tools for Change. Unique and handcrafted metaphysical and occult ritual tools. Elemental altar tile sets, finely crafted hand-carved wooden runes and rune wands, pocket shrines, antler point handled athame, 19th century reproduction besoms, vintage cauldrons, pewter talismans, books.
Pagan Sites And Organizations
link Witchvox Witchvox is the Witches' Voice online and one of the most awesome Pagan resources on the net. Here you'll find information about music, legal issues, world events effecting Pagans and Paganism in general. There are even sections devoted to teen witches and those in the military.
Other Freedom Loving Organizations
link ACLU You all have heard of the American Civil Liberties Union. 'nuff said.
link Cult of Free Inquiry Question Authority. Question reality. Question everything. The truth is out there somewhere and it shouldn't hurt to ask.
link Electronic Frontier Foundation Somebody's got to watch out for our rights in cyberspace or the internet will end up as restricted and pointless as television. The EFF fights to keep the government off our virtual backs. A great source of information and a powerful ally.
link Libertarian Party Ever get the feeling that there's not much difference between Republicans and Democrats? That they all want to spend your hard earned cash and tell you how to live your life? They want you to believe they're your only choices, but they lie. The Libertarian Party supports freedom and the reduction of government to it's constitutional limits.
link NGLTF The National Gay/Lesbian Task Force is the front line activist organization in the national gay and lesbian movement. As such, it serves as the national resource center for grassroots lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations that are facing a variety of battles at the state and local level.
Other Music Sites
link Hot Bands Hot Bands is here to help promote the music industry by giving independent bands a place to let their fans know of show dates, buy and sell used equipment, link to their sites, and to network with musicians around the world.
More links coming soon....

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