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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
I Don't Wanna Go
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I Don't Wanna Go

The Story
Stag and Flower were planning to go on vacation to a Pagan gathering at Wolvenwold, but Flower decides she doesnít want to go. She says she has no interest in either Pagan gatherings or Stagís scheduled musical performances. Stag begs her to go and then questions why they are together if she doesnít share an interest in what he considers their future lifestyle. Their argument ends as he leaves her behind and goes by himself. This is the final song of the first act, and the last time the two of them see each other.

Trickster: bass, harmonica, bongos, finger snaps, vocals
Dana Davis: vocals
all lyrics and music by Trickster


we've done plenty of invocation
good times, bad times, grief and celebration
now we had planned to go on vacation
but somehow this provoked a confrontation

I don't wanna go
but it will be real good
I don't wanna go
I really think you should
you ought to come with me
so Iíve been told
you ought to come with me to Wolvenwold

I don't want to go to hear you play and sing
I don't want to go to any Pagan gathering
last time I went was Beltane and you know what happened then
I been there before and I don't wanna go again

I don't wanna go
why is this always so?
I don't wanna go
you never wanna go
I donít wanna go
this is getting old
I donít wanna go with you to Wolvenwold

gathering together with our friends and family
in perfect love and perfect trust with lots of revelry
this is how plan to spend the rest of my life
if you don't wanna share it, why the hell are you my wife?

I donít wanna go
so stay
I donít wanna go
I'm going anyway
I donít wanna go with you and I donít wanna be controlled
Iíll see you when I get back from Wolvenwold

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