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Loke E. Coyote Cartoons!!
party on dudes!

Loke E. Coyote has been working on some cartoons! In fact, we've just finished our first full length music video animation!! We think you're gonna like it! And of course, we've still got our earlier toons, and more on the way soon!

You'll need the Flash Player installed on your system to view the cartoons. If you don't have Flash Player, you can get it here

Once you've got Flash Player installed, you can go ahead and...

Click on an image to see each cartoon!
Party On Jesus
Click to check out Party On Jesus Party On Jesus is our first full length music video featuring Jesus Christ as we prefer to see him - having fun!! You can read the truth about Jesus Christ! read the lyrics here
Weed Racer
Click to check out Weed Racer Weed Racer was our first animation. It's short, it's sweet. The tune for this toon is find out what I did last summer What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Peace Of Cake
Click to check out Peace of Cake Well, OK, this one is a little dated, but you can still enjoy it. We still think Loke E. Coyote's plan for world peace is better than Dubya's. The music featured is read the truth about George Washington! Ganga George

Next up, we're working on a great story about rednecks, booze, fire, snakes and chainsaws! The cartoon won't be done for a while, but you can check out the lyrics and hear read a story about rednecks, booze and chainsaws! Hold My Beer And Watch This hear our ticket to the Doctor Demento Funny Five! .

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