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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
Litany Against Fear
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This song was omitted from Druid Four Winds due to licensing.
An edited version appears as a bonus track on the rock opera

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Litany Against Fear

The Story
Stag is horrified by Flower’s threats and overcome by fear for her and the child. He is visited by Hermes who quotes him the Bene Geserit Litany Against Fear by Frank Herbert. Stag chants the Litany, faces his fears and declares his trust in the Universe, gods and goddesses, that the baby will be safe.

Special Note
The Litany Against Fear was written by Frank Herbert in his novel Dune. Unfortunately Frank Herbert's estate denied permission for us to use it in the rock opera. Maybe after Brian Herbert hears the rest of the music, he'll relent. In the meantime, we can't even print the lyrics! You'll have to read Dune to actually get the words!! But the Litany works. Try it sometime when you really need it.

By the way, Brian Herbert has continued his father's Dune stories with a trilogy of prequel novels. They are flat out awesome! He is now working on more books which chronicle the events 100 centuries earlier during Butlerian Jihad, when the feud between House Atreides and House Harkonan began. He's also reported to be working on the seventh book in Franks's original Dune series, based on his father's notes. I can't wait to read his new books, and if you liked Dune, you won't want to miss Brian Herbert's Dune stories.

Trickster: guitar, vocals
Mick D'arcy: vocals
Gretchen McMahon: guitar
lyrics by Frank Herbert and Trickster, music by Trickster


sometimes the best advice has already been written
I refer you now to the wisdom of the great Frank Herbert
who’s words are as relevant here as they are in the Dune universe

(Litany Against Fear spoken in the second person)

(Litany Against Fear sung in the first person)

This child began with a magickal spell
I must trust that he's still well
and though I have no power on the physical plane
in the magickal realm, may peace and love reign
the very gods and goddesses invoked at his conception
know that my intent is true I practice no deception
though you tell me awful promises to fill my soul with fright
I have faith in the universe, I know he'll be alright

I must not fear.

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