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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
Vision Quest
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Vision Quest

The Story
Alone in the woods, Flower has taken psychedelic mushrooms and goes on a vision quest. She is met by Hermes, the messenger of the gods. He tells her she is to bear a child called Druid Four Winds who will be an incarnation of an ancient wise and magickal soul. The character Druid Four Winds is represented by four incarnations: Merlin, an old powerful wizard, DaVinci, a middle aged scientist/artist, D’arc, a young warrior woman, and Sun, a witch child.

Dana Davis: keyboards, vocals
Jammin Sam: violin
Mick D'Arcy: vocals
Trickster: vocals
Charley Stacy: vocals
Barbi Hatch: vocals
Sun: vocals
lyrics by Trickster
music by Dana Davis


I had to get away from the renaissance faire
for peace and quiet and pine filled air
too long I've just gone along for the ride
but now I call out to my spirit guide
here in the valley I fast alone
near a cow pasture where spores have grown
I fill my soul with light and love
and call to gods and goddesses above
bring clarity and truth to my vision quest
show me the path and I'll do the rest
bring direction to this wandering gypsy
and tell the tale of my destiny

the future has mighty big plans for you
we know you have a son and daughters too
there is one more thing for you to do
because something special prepares to come thru
an ancient, wise and magickal soul
you are the mare and he is the foal
you are the path and he the goal
only your love can make him whole

in spirit and mind and flesh and bone
as Druid Four Winds shall he be known
wildflower, and seed, and sand and stone
as Druid Four Winds shall he be known
may you bring Four Winds safely home
as Druid Four Winds shall he be known
nurture him well til he is grown
as Druid Four Winds shall he be known 

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