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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
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The Story
Flower has taken an overdose and experiences a death trip where she comes face to face with Kali and her own actions. This song is somewhat of a psychedelic dirge in which Kali bestows clarity as well as death.

Trickster: guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica
Dana Davis: vocals
Joe Credit III: guitar
all lyrics and music by Trickster


I feel my death approaching
I feel darkness encroaching
seductive darkness that I must fight
push it back with my inner light

but my light is almost extinguished
it's as if some horrible thing wished
to hide from me so that I can't see
features I should have distinguished

I feel my death grow nearer
I finally look in the mirror
I tremble in fear for reflected I see
the frightful visage of the goddess Kali

with her touch my darkness is lifted
and the truth to me is gifted
this prison of mine is my own design
but Kali remains unshifted

I feel my death impending
but at last my illusions are ending
my fear and anger and hate
were of my own making, but it's too late

and now advances Kali
towards Druid Four Winds and me
she swings her sword and she cuts his cord
and Druid Four Winds drifts free
I see him drift away from me

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