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Loke E. Coyote's Writings"
party on dudes!

Trickster does a bit of writing and has been working on a comic strip, and once in a while someone writes something about Loke E. Coyote. We've created this page so you can see it all, plus lyrics to some songs we haven't yet released! We'll be adding more soon.

Writings By Trickster

Read the fable Prototype is a fable about true beauty

Read the tale Blood is a vampire tale with a twist

Comics By Trickster

Read the comic strip Megan The Pagan is a comic strip about (you guessed it!) Pagans!

Writings About Loke E. Coyote

read the interview! Metal Invader, a Greek heavy metal magazine, did an interview with us

Unreleased Songs

Check out some unreleased Loke E. Coyote songs Our Unreleased Songs Page has lyrics for many songs which haven't yet made it to a CD. Check em out!

Old News

We used to maintain a journal of press releases and news items, but nobody ever bothered to update it and everything was always completely out of date. If you want to read what we were up to a few years back, you can Find out what we were up to a few years ago check out our Old News Page

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