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Druid Four Winds
a Pagan rock opera
comedy cover tragedy
At The Faire
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At the Faire

The Story
Stag is a Pagan musician who has gone to a rennaissance festival to see his friend Dana perform, Flower is a renn faire gypsy. They meet and fall in lust. This pub waltz is also a comical look at the seamy underbelly of renn faire, and is the opening song of the opera.

Trickster: guitar, keyboards, slide whistle, duck call, vocals
Dana Davis: vocals
Thomas "Doc" Grauzer: harp
Joe Credit: royal bell
Denizen Choir: Joe Credit, Joe Credit III, Beltana Spellsinger, Moonrose,
SilverDrake Fey, Trickster, assorted partygoers
all lyrics and music by Trickster



we are the denizens of renaissance faire
where thereís wealthy citizens, we shall set up there
a medieval prefabricated British country town
so grab your favorite tankard, put on your robe and crown

every girl is called mílady, every man is called mílord
every rennieís somewhat shady, every drunkardís got a sword
at the renaissance faire youíll be a peasant or a king
the treatment all depends on how much riches you bring

most of us are gypsies, some are tramps, some are thieves
all will fleece a patron one more time before he leaves
Iíve got something you should buy no matter who you are
but if you turn your back on me Iíll rob your cookie jar

my friend Dana got a job performing at the faire
I got nothing else to do, I guess Iíll head down there
to hear my awesome sister sing her songs and play guitar
and in between her sets, guess Iíll hang out at the bar

I donít want to buy candles, swords, drums or boots
I donít need any  incense, leatherwear or homemade flutes
itís kind of fun to dress up in an old time jester suit
the women wear their sexy clothes and some are pretty cute

renaissance faire is ok I guess
the barís in the shade and itís got a nice view
and here comes a goddess in a see thru dress
they call me Stag, mílady,  how do you do?

my name is Flower
Iím off work in an hour
and if youíre still here
maybe we could get a beer

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