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Loke E. Coyote Icons
party on dudes!

What do those little icons mean?

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As you look around Wiccabilly Circus you will see cool little icons which you can click on for sensory treats. Here's what they are. Try the icons below for some tasty free samples.


means there's a viewable image


rasound identifies a Real Audio sound clip
ausound identifies a Sun/NeXT .au format sound
sndsound is a NeXT/Sun .snd format sound
wavsound is a PC .wav format sound
All the sample sounds here are of Trickster playing a lick from Gilligan's Island on harmonica.

Note that sndsound and ausound are the exact same format but have different file types for your convenience. Lots of times you will see several different formats of sound links together. Make sure you click the one you can use.

Also note that you will need get Real Player to listen to rasound files.


aroma means there's a .odor aroma file for you to smell like this delicious apple pie.

Note that aroma files are new technology and your browser may not support them. If you aren't sure, ask your system administrator or contact the people who sold you the browser and demand that they provide this feature.


uplink marks a link to another Psilocyber web page like this link to the Virtual White Rabbit
link is a link to somebody else's web pages like this link to Texas Pagan Awareness Online (TPAO)

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