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Loke E. Coyote
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Yipe! Hype!

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After the serious nature of the Druid Four Winds rock opera, lots of Loke E. Devotees have been wondering when we'd get back to the goofy Pagan party music that's always been our trademark. The answer is "right now!" because we've just released a collection of great new music! This is an extended CD and includes a bonus live recording of Discordian Duck from Houston MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa last year. And get this: it also includes the first episodes of a new comic strip called "Megan the Pagan" which you simply must see and enjoy! And of course we've included lyrics and links! And dig: we've uploaded song clips! Check em out!!

Druid Four Winds 2 CD Set

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Druid Four Winds is a Pagan rock opera written by Trickster which tells a tale of gods and goddesses, men and women, of birth, life, death and reincarnation, a story of love and hate, trust and betrayal, freedom and responsibility. It's performed with the help of many of our favorite musicians from bands such as Dreamtrybe, SONA, Galapagos, Gypsy Fire, Butterfly Tree, The Raft and Cherries-n-Silk. This 2 disk set contains 25 of the 26 songs from the rock opera. One song was removed due to licensing requirements, but an incomplete version with copywritten lyrics deleted, is included as a bonus track on the extended portion of the disk. There are two other bonus cuts plus lyrics and links to all the musicians' web sites.

Druid Four Winds Prerelease Sampler

check out the Druid Four Winds Prerelease Sampler disk! tell me more!

Our Druid Four Winds prerelease sampler is still available, and sure to become a collector's item. It has early versions of 13 songs plus Mando Joe's Denizen Choir Pep Talk. As usual,this enhanced disk also includes lyrics for all the songs and links to websites of the various musicians.

MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa Austin - Pagan Pride

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Ah, the fun we had at MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa Austin on Pagan Pride Day! Loke E. Coyote was joined by SONA and many other fine Pagan musicians, poets, fire twirlers, dancers and pagani rabble for an awesome time! And we recorded SONA and Trickster's sets to make this disk! and SONA's download page SONA's mp3 download page

Party On Dudes!

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The new CD single Party On Dudes! is the very first CD produced by Wiccabilly Studios and was created start to finish entirely by Loke E. Coyote. It features link Eeyore's Birthday Party, a tribute to Austin's coolest almost-Pagan party, and link Carpe Dios - a heavy metal rant about televangelists which is destined to become a Subgenius cult classic. These two songs are totally contrasting styles, ballad and hard rock/rant, but they share a common theme - Party On Dudes!

Rhythms of Spring

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Rhythms of Spring features full electric Loke E. Coyote and was recorded live at Betwixt & Between's Rhythms of Spring festival at Hawkwood. It's packed with music and fun and even includes some naked titties! Rhythms of Spring was released Independence Day 1999 (that's Fourth of July in case you forgot). Click the link to see more details and hear RealAudio clips.

Mischief 101

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Mischief 101 was Loke E. Coyote's first release. It's a "CD single", recorded at Velvet Eagle Studios and multiplied by Dark Rose Productions, containing link Super Miss Cheeevious complete with the link Loke E. Chant Rant and link Pagan Zydeco . This version of Super Miss Cheeevious is not available on any other release. Pagan Zydeco is a harmonica version and is also featured on the link Fire & Stone Pagan rock compilation disk.

Blessed Freebee

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A limited number of Blessed Freebee CD's were created as a gift from Loke E. Coyote for Loke E. Devotees. The disk contains outtakes and cover tunes and has never been available for sale. It was first put together when we missed our original ship date for ROS and we decided to give our fans a bonus for being patient. We've decide to extend the plan and give one to everyone who preordered Rhythms of Spring. Now we sometimes give them away or raffle them off for cool causes like the CMA land fund. Click the link for more information.

Fire and Stone

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Scott Martin decided he wanted to hear some Pagan rock and roll but all he could find was Celtic and New Age music. So he created Morrigan Records and put together the Fire and Stone Pagan Rock Compilation. Of course Loke E. Coyote was quick to jump on that bandwagon!

Our contribution is a studio mix of link Pagan Zydeco It's the same version as on our link Mischief 101 CD single featuring some wicca'd harmonica jamming. Fire and Stone also contains material from eight other great Pagan bands. Click the link for more information from Morrigan's site.

Demented Demo

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Trickster grew up listening to the Dr. Demento show as you can easily guess when you hear Loke E. Coyote. He remembers getting in trouble at his first job (washing dishes) because he'd turn off the dishwasher to hear the Funny Five.

Demented Demo! was created to amuse the good Doctor and maybe get us some airplay on his show. You can't buy a copy, but if you ask Dr. D. real nice maybe he will play it for you.

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