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Mischief 101
CD Single
be excellent to each other Mischief 101!

party on dudes!
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The Loke E. Coyote CD single Mischief 101 is still available!! If you've never seen us perform live you can finally hear what we sound like! Well, at least a few examples of what we sound like since we're musickal chameleons. And if you have seen us live you'll want one for sure! This disk was recently reviewed in the link Denver Pentagram and featured on link WPBN Wiccan/Pagan Broadcast Network .

The disk contains link Super Miss Cheeevious complete with the link Loke E. Chant Rant and link Pagan Zydeco . You'll hear our drumming / chanting / ranting side as well as a bit of Cajun good time music. The whole CD has a smoking groove that will have you moving in no time. You'll hear the entire story of the Loke E. Coyote god/goddess chant.

Trickster plays rippin harmonica and washboards and sings while Diana lays down funky beats on Lynda's ashiko and wails some hot Luziana swamp cello. Jammin Sam adds some tasty viola and Toni helps out with sweet vocals. Special guest Nighthawk of Velvet Hammer provides the rhythm foundation on djembe, Ginger and Amanda jump in to help out with party noises.

The CD comes in five luscious colors: Tangerine Dream, Blueberry Hill, Strawberry Fields, Lime Andecoconut and Everclear. Please list your color choices when ordering or just say "surprise me". We can't promise you'll get a particular color, but we'll try to accomodate. List second and third choices and you'll get one of them for sure.

Mischief 101 was recorded at Velvet Eagle studios and multiplied by Dark Rose Productions. Everyone involved in manifesting this CD is Pagan (altho one or two don't realize it yet). This CD is destined to become a collector's item, so get one hot off the CD-ROM burner.

It's only $7 postage paid. Maybe you'd like to link get yourself a copy of Mischief 101

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