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Yipe! Hype!
be excellent to each other Yipe! Hype!

party on dudes!

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Loke E. Coyote is working on a multimedia extravaganza called Yipe! The finished product will include lots of songs, new and old, several animated cartoons, maybe even a music video! Needless to say, this is gonna take a while.

But Loke E. Devotees have been chomping at the bit for recordings of some new music, and we've released Yipe! Hype! to give you a taste of what's going on. This CD includes 7 songs, most of them brand new, plus the extended portion contains a recording of Discordian Duck recorded live last year at Houston MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa and the first episodes of a new comic strip called "Megan the Pagan"!

You can click on the song titles below to read the lyrics, and click on the link icon to hear clips from each song!

The disk contains the following songs:

These are all studio quality tracks and feature Trickster on vocals and all instruments except some cello by Diana McFadden, and some backup vocals by Rainbow, Crystal, the Goddess Season Screamers, and the CMA Bridge Club -n- Friends.

Plus there's the extended portion of the disk featuring alive recording of Discordian Duck from Houston MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa where we jam out with our friends from SONA, and the first episodes of a new Pagan comic strip. All that, and it's only $10!! Maybe you'd like to link get yourself a copy of Yipe! Hype!

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