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Demented Demo
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In case you've never heard of him, Dr. Demento has been on the radio forever. He plays all kinds of crazy music and is lots of fun to hear. Every week he plays the "Funny Five" which are the top 5 most demented songs as requested by his listeners. Loke E. Coyote recommends you find out if and when his show is broadcast in your area and check it out. There's a list at his web site which is linked below. If you've gotten this far into our site, you'll love Demento!

Trickster grew up listening to the good Doctor's show and if you listen to Loke E. Coyote that should be pretty obvious. He was washing dishes while 13 year old Weird Al Yankovic was sending in basement tapes. We figure if it works for Al, it should work for us too!

So we put together the Demented Demo! CD which contains some of our oddest tunes and sent it off to Dr. Demento. Don't bother asking how you can get one - you can't. There are only two copies in existance: the Doctor has one and Trickster has the other. Diana doesn't even have one!

Here's what's on Demented Demo!:

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Click the uplink icon or song title to see the lyrics

The only way you can hear this disk is to ask Dr. Demento to play it! And of course we encourage you to do so! Here's how to contact him:

So you can't get Demented Demo! but maybe you'd like to link buy other Loke E. Coyote stuff!

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