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Party On Dudes
CD Single
be excellent to each other Party On Dudes!

party on dudes!

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It's an all new CD single from Loke E. Coyote!! Not only that, but this is the very first release from Wiccabilly Studios! That's right - we're now doing our own all digital recording and production! And thru the miracle of multitracking we can at last get the music out the way it's playing in our heads. Hear Diana play two cellos while Trickster juggles guitar, recorder, slide whistle, harmonicas and vocals - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

The disk contains:

link Eeyore's Birthday Party is a tribute to Austin's finest party and the closest thing the town has to a Pagan gathering. It's been going on for like 34 years (the party, not the song) and features bands, games, friends, fun, and the largest bunch of drummers ever assembled! If you've ever been to Eeyore's Birthday Party you'll know what we mean, and if not, listen to this song and we'll tell ya! This tune also features our sweet sister Crystal on backup vocals, recorded on her birthday!

link Carpe Dios features our new synthetic drummer Dr. Roland Boss on drums, bass, keys and guitar. Diana lays down a smoking cello bass line and some ripping leads while Trickster jams the blues harp and rants about televangelists. It's a Subgenius work of art and heavy metal epic, guaranteed to piss off the Jerry Falwell in your neighborhood. You'll especially like the part where Jesus and Moses go to the Kwiky Mart and shake down Apu.

Like Mischief 101, this CD comes in five luscious colors: Tangerine Dream, Blueberry Hill, Strawberry Fields, Lime Andecoconut and Everclear. Please list your color choices when ordering or just say "surprise me". We can't promise you'll get a particular color, but we'll try to accomodate. List second and third choices and you'll get one of them for sure.

Party On Dudes! was digitally recorded, mixed and mastered at Wiccabilly Studios where we also did all the artwork and production. If you like what you hear, please contact us for information about recording your band.

It's only $8 postage paid. Maybe you'd like to link get yourself a copy of Party On Dudes!

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