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Rhythms of Spring
Loke E. Coyote Live
be excellent to each other Rhythms of Spring

party on dudes!

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Rhythms of Spring is our first major release and began shipping on Independence Day 1999. It's Loke E. Coyote in full electric form as recorded at the Rhythms of Spring festival held this past March at Hawkwood. The festival was a production of Betwixt & Between, the Dallas Pagan Community Center. This enhanced CD has the lyrics for all songs included right on the disk and contains the following tracks:

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Rhythms of Spring comes in an attractive eco-wise cardboard package which includes a plastic disk tray/spine which makes it very durable. The disk itself looks ouigi kind of like a ouigi board so when you get done listening, you can use it to skry with. All the live mixing and recording was done at the festival by the illustrious JC who also added in quite a bit of sonic effects magick. Studio mixing, mastering and graphics were done inhouse by Trickster while Diana kept him alive by handling coffee preparation (and very well I might add - we don't drink no schwagg).

This disk shows many sides of Loke E. music, from chanting and ranting, spaghetti western, reggae and zydeco all the way thru some great wiccabilly and power boogie. You'll even get to hear Jammin Sam on bass, viola and mandolin! Special guest drummers Tawnney and Nighthawk of link Velvet Hammer join bass/djembe player Kevin to round out the band and make this the most jammin Pagan party disk ever!!

ROS is now available for only $15. NOW ON SALE FOR $10! That's a pretty good deal for over 70 minutes of awesome Pagan rock and roll! And if you preordered before the Fourth of July 1999, you also got a bonus copy of link Blessed Freebee !

I bet you want to link order Rhythms of Spring!!

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