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Blessed Freebee
our Giveaway disk
be excellent to each other Blessed Freebee

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Blessed Freebee has never been available for sale and it never will be! We created it from outtakes, cover tunes and cheesy audience recordings because we missed our original target date for link Rhythms of Spring and wanted to give Loke E. devotees something special. After all, they had forked up some hard earned cash on a promise we'd send them a disk by Memorial weekend and the CD wouldn't be ready until Independence Day. We felt they deserved some sort of bonus.

That's when we hit upon the idea of Blessed Freebee. It would contain stuff we either couldn't or didn't want to sell. We later decided to extend the gift not only to those who had preordered based on a May ship date, but also to everyone who preordered before Fourth of July when the first disks went out.

Here's what's on Blessed Freebee:

  • We call the first track Astronome Dominatrix, but it's actually a bit of Pink Floyd's Astronome Domine followed by the Loke E. song link My Girlfriend's a Lesbian Biker .
  • link She's a Lesbian
  • link Move Over Jehova
  • link Wiccabilly Boogie
  • a version of link Feast or Famine recorded at the Austin Witches' Ball back when we were known as Mongrel. It's an all out jam, just like the one on Rhythms, but a very different take on the song.
  • Loke E. Coyote's version of the Doors classic Five to One. This comes with a "special bonus picture" in the CD extra portion of the disk but we're not going to tell you what it is.
  • Something we call Isabow Harp's Pagan Community Rant from CMA Beltane where members of Gaia's Voice and Five Mile Bridge sing and rant along with Loke E. and our Council of Magickal Arts buddies.
This disk can't be bought at any price and there aren't going to be many of them. The only way to get one is as a free gift and it's worth twice that much for the artwork alone! Everyone who sent us money for link Rhythms of Spring before we had CD's in hand earned our extreme gratitude for their support and we felt obliged to send them a copy for being so excellent.

If you missed out on our Independence Day preorder special, don't lose heart. We will never sell Blessed Freebee but we may make it available thru other offers. Keep checking the website for details. So you can't buy Blessed Freebee, but maybe you'd like to link order Rhythms of Spring!

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