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be excellent to each other
Pagan Zydeco

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster & Diana

Trickster: vocals, washboards, harmonica
Diana: cello
Nighthawk: djembe
Toni: vocals
Partygoers: Amanda, Diana, Ginger, Toni, Trickster

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party on dudes!

  hey all you Wiccans and you Druids
  who like to drink fermented fluids
  it's time to hit the old terrazzo
  and do the Pagan Zydeco

  I tell you what we're gonna do
  we're gonna chant some mumbo jumbo
  stir up a cauldron full of rioux
  brew a big batch of Pagan gumbo


    so grab a chick or daddy-o
    do the Pagan Zydeco
    and maybe later on tonite
    you'll get to dance in the Great Rite

  we're gonna call the etouffe folk
  to come and dance around the fire
  Alister Crowlfish he done awoke
  to some tasty drumbalia

  we're gonna summon Aphrodite
  and maybe even Thor the Mighty
  we're gonna call Pan and Diana
  right from the swamp in Luziana


  we're gonna invite Dionysus
  to help us keep the party ragin
  we're gonna revel in our vices
  just like a bunch of Celtic Cajuns

  we're gonna spin the wheel around
  we're gonna let the bon ton roulez
  and when we dance on sacred ground
  well jacamo fie na nay


    do the Pagan Zydeco
    come on and let your spirits flow
    blessed be, iko iko
    do the Pagan Zydeco

Cajun Translajuns
terrazzo Dance floor
rioux Soup stock before you add all the chunky stuff, rhymes with Sioux.
gumbo Cajun soup with lots of okra, rice, seafood, etc
crawfish Tasty little critter sort of like a lobster
etouffe Kind of a crawfish stew, pronounced "eh too fay"
Alister Crowlfish A famous Pagan crawfish
jambalia A hearty Creole dish full of rice, seafood and other stuff
drumbalia A word I made up
bon ton roulez Good times roll, ie: let the good times roll, "roulez" sounds like "roo lay"
jacamo fie na nay Fuck em if they can't take a joke
iko iko Party on dudes!

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