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Eeyore's Birthday Party

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster & Diana

Trickster: guitar, vocals
Diana: mandolin

This song appears on see all the songs on Party On Dudes! Party On Dudes!

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party on dudes!

  Eeyore's birthday party
  Eeyore's birthday party
  Eeyore's birthday party
  Eeyore's birthday party
  I like the party that they threw ya
  happy birthday to ya!

  down here in Austin we know how to have fun
  we dress up in costume and we play in the sun
  we dance and we sing and we bang on the drum
  you know the fun never stops
  we even invite the cops
  to Eeyore's birthday party....

  if you are down and you're feeling blue
  go hang out with that donkey friend of Whinney the Pooh
  we never get bored cause there's plenty to do
  you're gonna have a good time
  I ain't liein'
  at Eeyore's birthday party...

  I reached in my cooler I was looking for beer
  but there ain't nothing but empty bottles hiding in here
  along comes my buddy I ain't seen since last year
  he says "it's good to see you"
  and then he hands me a brew
  at Eeyore's birthday party...

  Hey man, you goin' to Eeyore's?
    when is it?
    SATURDAY!? Already!
    seems like it was just last week
  same time every year dude
  last Saturday in April, rain or shine
    and it's always shine!
  down in Pease Park
    oh man! I can't wait!
    I just love Eeyore's birthday party!

    I heard they were gonna cancel it this year
  Oh man! I hear that every year!
  but they'll never do it
  cause everybody gonna show up anyway!
    Let's go!
  to Eeyore's birthday party...

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