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be excellent to each other
Super Miss Cheevious

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, harmonica
Diana: Lynda's ashiko, vocals
Jammin Sam: viola
Nighthawk: djembe
Toni: vocals

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party on dudes!

    Super Miss Cheevious
    Super Miss Cheevious

  well we're Loke E. Coyote and we got some tricky ways
  we're gonna knock you out with the music that we plays
  we're hoping everybody in the audience stays
  to help us groove and move this cone of power we will raise

  yeah I'm talking about raising a cone of power
  raising energy by the minute and the hour
  raise it up higher than the Eiffel Tower
  by the time we get thru we're gonna all need a shower

  cause we're gonna dance around and we're gonna play and sing
  we're gonna let the cracked bell of liberty ring
  we're gonna poke fun at everyone and everything
  and we're gonna do our part to bring about the quickening

  I ain't 'bout the Highlander so dontcha lose your head
  because the wintertime is over and the spring is here instead
  and we're gonna wake up Mother Earth, just like Maeven said
  we're gonna wake her up and feed her breakfast in bed

  because the Earth is our mother, of that there is no doubt
  and she'd rather see us celebrate than listen to us pout
  so we're gonna have a good time, make you scream and shout
  now I'm gonna whip my harmonica out

    Super Miss Cheevious
    Super Miss Cheevious...

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