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Wiccabilly Studios

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SONA consists of Beltana Spellsinger and the father/son team of Joe Credit and Joe Credit III. The Joe's play guitar, mandolin, bass and various drums while Bel plays congas and flute. All three sing, and together produce some very tasty harmonies. All three also write songs, and Spoonwalk showcases the talents of each. Papa Joe writes folky Pagan music, much of it with a great comic twist. Beltana writes haunting hypnotic otherworldly tunes, and Little Joe covers everything from pop and blues to psychedelia.

Loke E. Coyote's Trickster, who recorded and produced Spoonwalk, also performs on many songs, playing a variety of unusual instruments. This disk also features guest performances by Jammin Sam on violin and Thomas "Doc" Grauzer on Irish harp.

The disk contains the following songs:

SONA were co-creaters of MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa 2000, and you can hear some of their live stuff on click for more info about MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZaMeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa Austin.

They also helped out a great deal on Loke E. Coyote's rock opera click for more info about Druid Four WindsDruid Four Winds, and did a version of the song read the lyrics I'll Kill You, which is included as a bonus track in the extended portions of both on Spoonwalk and Druid Four Winds.

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