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Wiccabilly Studios

Burn In Hell

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Burn In Hell

Joe Credit: guitars, vocals
Joe Credit III: mandolin, vocals
Beltana vocals
Trickster: triple agogo, vocals
Lyrics and music by SONA


I donít care if you believe or not - 
That heaven is cool and hell is hot.
Heaven is the place where the bliss never ends
The other place is full of your friends.

    Godíll make sure you donít feel so well

Burn your nose with a sulphury smell
While youíre burnin in hell.

I donít drink and I donít smoke
I donít laugh at no jesus joke
But if you roll joints thinkiní youíll get high
Brother, youíre gonna fry.

Let you sit next to Jerry Falwell
While youíre burniní in hell.

I donít swear and I donít sin.
If  you donít believe me, then Iíll tell you again.
I love my neighbor, believe it or not
And I never get caught.

Have lotsa women like Oberon Zell, 
And youíre already in hell.

Gotta be holy and you gotta be pure.
Donít ask me what that means Ďcause I ainít quite sure
I think it might have something to do
With who youíre tryiní to screw.

Maybe you can join the P.T.L.
While youíre burniní in hell.

Gotta be clean and you gotta be straight 
If you wanna pass that pearly gate
Gotta live your life just like a saint
In other words, be what you ainít!

Freddy Phelps says ďDonít ask and donít tell!Ē 
Thatís why heís burniní in hell.

You can come and hang with Joe, Joe, and Bel
while you're burnin' in hell

the Story


Letís see - Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, Oberon Zell, the P.T.L. Club - did I leave anybody out? (Trickster says: "uh, Happy Shel?") So many things rhyme with hell. What a language.


This song just happened one Sunday morning in Tricksterís living room. He challenged me to write a happy song about burning in hell. The calypso beat was a natural. I just included the verses that survived. There were dozens of them, punctuated by stupid Jesus jokes. Joe and Bel wrote their own verses, so I credited the band with the write.

This is one that Loke E. Coyote plans to do in their set, so remember you heard it here first.

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