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Wiccabilly Studios

Tate's Dream

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Tate's Dream

Beltana vocals
Joe Credit: guitar
Joe Credit III: mandolin
Doc Grauzer: harp
Lyrics by Beltana, music by SONA


Darkened Lapis eyes in June
Flow into the July Moon
Horses Hair
Am I there

Otherworldly Underlad
Calledonni am I sad
Soul Beware

This is the stoking of elegant fire
Crown me with stars are you mad with desire
Stars in my hand more than any Wytch had
Am I in love with you or am I mad…

Honey shared in Her defense
Shadow cast on countenance
Weirdness rule
Are you cool

Holey Spirit’s Holey Stone
Roaming polyphony roam
Gift of Green
Absinthe dream

But Tate’s in the tavern and everything’s fine
Dine on the darkening blood of the vine
Madness that’s made of the Wormwood so fair
Yes… I remember the taste of Your dare

Darkened Lapis eyes in June
Are you enjoying the Moon…

the Story

A hypnotic tune about an Absinthe… Dream?

About the song:


It began in June… (five years ago) in front of a fire where I eventually broke my foot jumping over a twelve foot firepit. Later, (a few years later) I stood in the road and heard a voice asking me a question… “Are you enjoying the moon?” Then in quite a different place, and certain different time… (July) an evening filled with wonder, mystery, and Darkness… and a taste of deadly vine… inspired this tale, which seemed like a dream… in exchange for the melodious Gift of the Green. You can’t hide behind sunglasses… yet I am still enchanted…

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