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Wiccabilly Studios


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Joe Credit III: mandolin, congas, vocals
Joe Credit: guitar, talking drum
Beltana congas, vocals
Trickster: djembe, digereedoo, spoons
Jammin Sam violin
Lyrics and music by Joe Credit III


when I was a boy I went into the woods for three days
I carved a spoon from a tree branch with a buck knife.
In a lightning flash the world disappeared
Until there was nothing left but me and my spoon


I carried my spoon to the waters of the earth
And I used it to stir in the mud
I spun my spoon in a miniscule vortex
But it only swirled whenever I moved


I walked to the sea to see the horizon
I swam out to where the water meets the sky
When I reached there I took out my spoon
And I stirred up the water and the sky


the Story

Three words

Camping and tripping

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