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Wiccabilly Studios

Blues River

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Blues River

Beltana: vocals
Joe Credit III: mandolin
Joe Credit: guitars
Trickster: harmonica, intro
Lyrics and music by Joe Credit III


When youíre down, rock bottom 
A bowl of beans is your best friend
When youíre down,
The tunnel seems to have no end
These times aint gonna get no better, baby
Until the blues river ends

I woke up this morning
And the sun was cold and grey
I looked out the window
What a harsh and dismal day
I wished that I could get back in bed
And sleep the whole damn thing  away

Got problems with my life today
Donít know what I can do
My baby up and left me
Donít love me like he used to
He said you ainít no good for nothin
Donít know whatís become of you

the Story

Just yer basic blues tune...

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