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Wiccabilly Studios

Paper Floor

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Paper Floor

Joe Credit III: guitar, vocals
Joe Credit: bass, congas
Beltana vocals
Lyrics and music by Joe Credit III


somewhere outside the rain falls down
somewhere out there a whistle blows
external hopeless insane and dull

she falls thru the paper floor
tumbles past the velvet walls
into the heart of her deep desire

this pain she never knew
the love inside just grew
and pushed her to the paper floor

she stands to see the moisten glass
the pains gone and so is mist
she walks to the corner and lays softly

this love she never knew
the pain inside just grew
and pushed her thru the paper floor

passion falls around her 
rises above her head
oh the life is so far away
the poison of a day

the Story

this is a metaphor for the cyclic nature of love.

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