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Wiccabilly Studios

Land Of The Sidhe

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Land Of The Sidhe

Beltana vocals
Joe Credit: guitar
Joe Credit III: mandolin
Doc Grauzer: harp
Lyrics by Beltana, music by SONA


The twilight rolled over the hill on the Tor
The horizon was violet and grey
Then the Moon rose… the Wolf howled his plea

So She lighted afoot on the forested path
And the creatures they followed Her lead
To the dangerous home of the Sidhe

The silvery sky illumined Her gold hair
As She made her ascent on the hill
She gathered her courage and made Her way still
To the magickal Sycamore Tree

She lay down her treasures and gifts to the Fey
And She sang of Her heart to the sky
“If the dawn comes… come searching for me…”

And the drums began pounding their sensuous tune
And Her soul danced with pain and with glee
And She danced round the Sycamore Tree

The Coyotes laughed at the sparkling sky
All the colours of life shimmered by
Then the earth underfoot started rumbling nigh
And it opened before earthly eyes

Oh She moved through the shadows into the deep hill
And She saw the most wondrous things
And they whispered, “Come dancing with we…”

She felt gentle fingers run through Her soft hair
And the kisses that covered Her skin
In the next breath… She noticed He

His eyes shone like crystals of blue from the sea
On velvet cloak raven hair fell
He said, “I have known you for millions of years…”
And He took her and he cast His grand spell

The sky disappeared and the moonlight was gone
And the universe had no more time
And They danced in the Land of the Sidhe

Then the dawn came the sun rose and shone on the tor
On the hillside alone stood the Tree
“If the dawn comes, don’t worry for me…”

In a place without time under different sky
They dwell in a palace of gold
Sing music that mortals could never behold
Require no wings to fly

And a century passed in the blink of a day
And her village was ruined and burned
Her loved ones were gone and she never returned
From the Land of the King and Queen of Fey

the Story

A song written during the full moon in August 1999 about a one-way journey into the Otherworlds

About the song: There is a beautiful Sycamore at the top of a hill at Wolvenwold… and has almost magickally grown there for many years in a place where water must flow underground. One wonders what else is beneath this particular hill. As I sat in my truck at the top of the hill with my sister, writing songs… sharing some wine…this came to me under a Full Moon. The Sidhe have graciously given me audience on occasion… and this is a gift to Them in return.

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