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Wiccabilly Studios

Burnin Time In Texas

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Burnin Time In Texas

Joe Credit: guitars, vocals
Joe Credit III: mandolin
Trickster: washboard, spoons
Lyrics and music by Joe Credit


    It’s BURNIN’ TIME IN TEXAS, let them witches be bright
    They burn through the night, and ain’t we havin’ fun?
    It’s BURNIN’ TIME IN TEXAS, set them witches alight
    Let’s burn ‘em down for Jesus one by one!

It only stands to reason that witchery is treason
Cuz Jesus was there at the Alamo
We taught ‘em to be Christians, but they just wouldn’t listen
Now I’m afraid they’re gonna hafta go.


We really hate to see this, but we’re doin’ it for Jesus
We know that he’d be with us here today.
Our ways mean nothin’ to ‘em, so we’ll just barbecue ‘em
And serve ‘em up with beans, the cowboy way!

{chorus - instruments - chorus}

They say they’re only pagan, but we know they worship satan
We know that’s what the bible has to say.
And, though I never read it, I know the bible said it,
“They’re different so now they hafta pay!”

{chorus and out}

the Story


A new theme song for compassionate conservatism.


Religious persecution has always horrified me, even when I was an altar boy. This sentiment may be exaggerated, but there are a lot of people who think witchcraft is illegal in this land of perfect religious freedom (freedom to choose which Christian sect to belong to, that is).

I just love the music of Bob Wills, so I emulated his style, including all the modulations and the smart-ass commentary. This song was first sung in Austin, after all.

Texas pagans, I love you all, especially since you didn’t throw things at me when you heard this song.


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