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Wiccabilly Studios


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Joe Credit III: guitar, congas, vocals
Joe Credit: bass
Trickster: congas
Music and Lyrics by Joe Credit III


I am surrounded by the sweet perfume of your scent
In the cloudy haze that you wove on Friday night

    so caught up in the moment when I found you
    that I almost forgot that when I found you
    that you are love alive again

from here is beauty
from here is love
from here are kisses that last all night long


if eternity were a single day 
I would spend a year inside your arms
Kissing you on the corner of 12th and main

I see you, I smell you, I taste you, I feel you
I look into your big blue eyes and say, “I love you”


the Story

This song was written about a very special girl who I loved with all of my being, she decided that she hated me, tho. I don’t know if she likes the song. It is the first poem I wrote her. She liked it then.

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