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Loke E. Coyote's Unreleased Songs
party on dudes!

Here are some songs which have not yet made it to a Loke E. Coyote CD. You can read lyrics for released songs, and hear many song clips by clicking on a particular disk on our music page

Click on an uplink icon or song title to see the lyrics

image Buttons And Strings
image Casting Circle
image Djembe Cowboy
image Dreamtrybe (Get Down)
image Gravedigger Waltz
image Hitch Hike Blues
image It's Valentine's Day
image Keep Movin'
visit Loke E.'s page on mp3.com image Labor Day of Love
image Limits Of Control
image Little Red Tip Jar
image One More
image Pagan Paradise
image Paravoid
image Psychobitch
image Thunder God
image Tune In
image W-I-C-C-A

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