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be excellent to each other
Keep Movin'

Lyrics: Trickster and Tim
Music: Trickster and various pop culture icons

Trickster: vocals, harmonica, washboards, percussion
Davros: soundbytes

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party on dudes!

  well we all wanna be cowboys
  in the end we're only cattle
  and we all wanna make a big noise
  so we dance and shake the rattle
  everybody wanna be the general
  we're just fresh meat for the battle
  yeah we all wanna ride the big horse
  but there's no room in the saddle

  moving in herds
  in the great outdoors
  hardly look up
  just keep grazing on all fours
  heads down in yokes
  heads up for predators
  you rustle mine
  somebody poaches yours
  we'll eat anything
  when we're on the feed
  swallow anything
  satisfaction guaranteed

  keep moving, keep eating, til you've had your fill
  keep moving, keep eating, don't worry 'bout the bill
  keep moving, keep eating, surrender up your will
  keep moving, keep eating, get ready for the kill

  wearing their brands
  as we ride the range
  like lambs to the slaughter
  yippi ti yo ti yay
  sitting in the saddle
  under bright blue skies
  nothing really matters
  we only wanna ride
  we wanna ride
  just ride

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