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be excellent to each other
Labor Day of Love

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar
Diana: cello or mandolin, depending on her mood

Check out the story of Party On Jesus! Featured on Witchvox Bardic Circle!

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party on dudes!

  there's a military base and it's called Fort Hood
  where the United States army stands for freedom and good
  strong brave men and women, ain't no chickens
  and some of them soldiers are Pagans and Wiccans

  they follow their paths and they worship as they please
  like the US Constitution guarantees
  in the First Amendment, it's our freedom of religion
  when it comes to gods, make your own decisions

  so these Pagan soldiers who defend our nation
  decided to form a little congregation
  do some ritual and some celebration
  they call it "Open Circle", it's a big sensation

  cause someone wrote a story in an Austin newspaper
  and it wasn't no bottom of the garbage can scraper
  informative and fair, a good opinion shaper
  until it reached the hands of a loony bin escaper

  he was a preacher named Harvey in the town of Killeen
  he was narrow minded, hateful, nasty, bigoted and mean
  barking and growling like a dog with rabies
  telling everybody that witches eat babies

  asking his followers to bring their guns
  to church in case we try to snatch their younguns
  lots of good people tried to set him straight
  but he wouldn't listen to em or let go of his hate

    cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
    he's not quite well in Texas

  Near Killeen and Fort Hood's a town called Copperas Cove
  there's a witch shop there that's a real treasure trove
  they sell crystals, cards, books and herbs, anything you please
  they even got uplink Loke E. Coyote CD's

  so Harvey decided he should run them out of town
  he gathered up his followers and headed on down
  but the Pagans got wind of it and called up all their friends
  cause we'll never let the Burning Times happen again

    cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
    and he's hot as Hell in Texas

  Well the big day came and we met up at the store
  there was at least a hundred fifty of us, maybe many more
  there were Wiccans, Druids, Atheists, and even Christians too
  with a cross and shirt asking "what would Jesus do?"

  Harvey stamped and screamed and he rattled his sabre
  we waved a big sign that said "love thy neighbor"
  He said "you sinners and you witches are all gonna burn in Hell
  just like the southern baptists, homos and the Jews as well"

  he said
   "God hates sinners, God hates sinners
    God hates sinners and we're all sinners
    we're all sinners, every last one of us,
    all you unclean witches and us christians on the bus
    you and me, everybody
    we're all sinners, everyone's a sinner
    everyone's a sinner and God hates sinners
    everyone's a sinner and God hates sinners
    everyone's a sinner and God hates everyone
    God hates everyone, God hates everyone
    God hates

  I didn't quite know what to make of what he said
  Jesus preached love but he was spoutin hate instead
  I asked "exactly which god is it you're praying to?
  now is it Jesus Christ or is it Cthulhu?"

    cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
    he's hot as Hell in Texas

  he shouted thru his bullhorn and we did some songs and chants
  we offered him a drink in case he's thirsty from his rants
  we got a little closer and he almost wet his pants
  he thought we would attack, we did a spiral dance

  he was afraid we'd hex him and then he'd be cursed
  but he's already Jack Harvey, we can't make it any worse
  ignorant, narrowminded, bigoted and bitter
  the last thing he saw was us cleaning up his litter

    cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
    but all is well in Texas
    ring the Liberty Bell in Texas
    cause we ain't goin to Hell in Texas

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