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be excellent to each other
Hitch Hike Blues

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, harmonica

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party on dudes!

  Sitting by the highway
  waiting for my ride to come
  I got blisters on my feet
  I got sunburn on my thumb

  Lots of cars go driving past
  nobody wanna give me no ride
  desert sun beats on my ass
  I ain't got no shade to hide


    spend my lifetime on the road
    mostly standing still
    I ain't got no heavy load
    ain't got no coup de ville
    no lincoln continental
    or any other car
    just got my harmonicas
    and this here guitar

  sitting at the railway station
  waiting for that god damn train
  engineer done took vacation
  strand me in this frozen rain

  train was due at 6 AM
  been here since 5 it's half past 3
  exposed to the elements
  gonna wind up like Neal Cassidy


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