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be excellent to each other
Casting Circle

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster & Diana

Trickster: vocals, guitar
Diana: cello

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party on dudes!

  well I'm a magick musician and a Wiccabilly priest
  and when I wanna cast circle I start off facing east
  I call to the east and to the element there
  and then I let my lungs feast upon a breath of fresh air
  I hear a reply just like the wind in the trees
  and I say "so mote it be!"  (so mote it be!)

  I turn to my right, or should I say deasil
  and since I'm harming no one I guess I'll do as I will
  I open my mouth and chant the things I desire
  call to the south and to the spirits of fire
  there's a warmth in my soul, I know they're speaking to me
  and I say "so mote it be!"  (so mote it be!)

    casting circle, all around
    casting circle, make this sacred ground
    casting circle, without and within
    let the magick begin

  I turn once again so I am facing the west
  to the element where dolphins like to frolic and rest
  the water of life fills my cup to the brim
  I take a big drink and then I go for a swim
  their answer rolls in just like the waves on the sea
  and I say "so mote it be!"  (so mote it be!)

  I've summoned three quarters, now it's time for the fourth
  so I climb out of the water and I turn to the north
  I stand on a mountain of sweet Mother Earth
  I know that it's Samhain, time of death and rebirth
  I start to rock out and shake the ground under me
  and I say "so mote it be!"  (so mote it be!)


  Jesus left Chicago in his V8 Ford
  up pulled the El Dorado of the Lady and Lord
  they said "we're on our vacation and we're out for a spin
  and we heard your invocation so we thought we'd drop in"
  I bid them both welcome with a big "blessed be!"
  and I say "so mote it be!"  (so mote it be!)


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