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be excellent to each other

Lyrics: Trickster and Diana
Music: Black Sabbath

Trickster: vocals, body noises
Loke E. Coyote: more body noises

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party on dudes!

  My woman said she's finished with me
  cause there's nothing on my mind
  Folks think I got no brain
  because I am grinning all the time

  All day long I think of things
  but nothing seems to come to mind
  I lost my mind watching Marcy
  Playground, Bush and Third Eye Blind

  Can you help me?
  Have you found my brain?
  Oh yeah!

  Ineed someone to show me things
  like how much nickles make a dime
  I can't do things like chewing gum
  and walking at the same time

  Make a joke and I will sigh
  cause I don't get it then I'll cry
  intellegence I cannot feel
  and life to me is so unreal

  And so as you hear these words
  telling you now of my plight
  I tell you to write them down
  I wish I could but I can't write

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