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be excellent to each other
Gravedigger Waltz

Lyrics: Jammin Sam
Music: Jammin Sam

Jammin Sam: vocals, concertina

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party on dudes!

  my partner is lovely, her skin is so fair
  I smile at the spiders that crawl thru her hair
  her fragrance is charming, what is that perfume
  but the scent old lillies and the stench of the tomb
  her eyes are sewn shut so she can not see
  the effect that her maggots are having on me
  I dare kiss a cheek that used to blush red
  but now it's the grey rotting flesh of the dead


    so grab ye a body and spin it around
    and if a bone snaps well we won't mind the sound
    for it's one good foot forward and two stiff legs back
    when dancing a corpse to the gravedigger's waltz

  you don't have to ask them, they're ready to go
  you can carry them quick or drag them off slow
  you don't know your partner, you don't know her name
  but once they are cold, boys, they all feel the same
  the fresh ones are limber, their joints move quite well
  and the old ones are lighter if you don't mind the smell
  and they don't have to rest to keep going strong
  and if they don't fall apart they can dance all night long


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