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Tune In

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, harmonica

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party on dudes!

  in tune
  tune in, turn on
  tune in, turn on
  tune in, turn on

  we go walking in the dark, can't see where we're going
  we go swimming with the sharks without even knowing
  we go jogging in the park with our gold chains showing
  tasty little bait for the perils that await

  we don't listen to the beat when we try to dance
  we go treading with bare feet where there's fire ants
  we go strolling down the street without a second glance
  totally oblivious, we're not even curious

    there are cliffs beyond these ledges
    and we're stumbling towards the edges
    gambling in a maze of hedges
    putting up fences and driving in wedges


    we must use our awareness to achieve now and hereness
    six successful senses all perceiving with clearness
    make the decision to activate our vision
    throw back the Long John Silver and learn how to go fishin

  blindly tempting suicide and our fate's uncertain
  with our eyes shut on this ride we're disaster flirtin
  something's happenning outside we should draw back the curtain
  free us from this curse and rejoin the universe


  tune in, turn on
  tune in, turn on
  tune in, turn on
  in tune

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