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be excellent to each other
Bob Marleycorn Must Die

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar
Diana: djembe

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party on dudes!

  there were three men come from Jamaica
  who smoked out with I and I
  and these three men made a solemn vow
  Bob Marleycorn must die
  these Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
  were called Phineas, Franklin and Fred
  they threw poor Bob Marleycorn down in the dirt
  and put dead fish and shit on his head

  they let him lie for a very long time
  till he sprung up his head from the ground
  and each day they'd bring out a garden hose
  and spray him until he drowned
  they let him stand until summer's end
  when the Autumnal Equinox falls
  and as soon as Sir Bob had become a man
  they dragged him away by the balls

  they've hired men with long dreadlocks
  to uproot him from Mother Earth
  they rolled him and then they set fire to him
  and it filled them all with mirth
  they've hired men with tie dye shirts
  to pick all his cherries that were ripe
  and Freewheelin Franklin served him worse than that
  for he's smoked him up in a pipe

    hooka looka dooka dee doo
    I've got another bong load for you
    hooka looka deeka doo dee
    smoke that one up and pack one for me

    what makes a man get high?
    as red as an apple in the eye
    what makes his mouth turn dry?  rasound
    who's to blame?
    it was the marijuana

    hooka looka dooka doo dee
    smoke that one up and pack one for me
    hooka looka dooka dee doo
    then I'll take a hit and load one for you

  they rolled him around and around in a tray
  separating him from his seed
  they mixed him with chocolate, flour and eggs
  and made a big batch of pot brownies
  they hired their buds to grind him up
  tearing his flesh from the bone
  and Fat Freddy he has served him worse than that
  for he ate the whole batch and got stoned

  and little Sir Bob in a glass head bowl
  and he's kind smoke inside a bong
  and little Sir Bob in a joint they roll
  has proved to be very strong
  for the drummer can't drum and the singer can't sing
  the Phinneas can't blow on his horn
  and the guitar player he can't pluck a string
  without a little Marleycorn

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