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be excellent to each other
Witch War

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, keyboards

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party on dudes!

  well you're a link mystic link sister and you've gone thru puberty
  you think you might be Pagan and you want community
  you meet a sex magician who tells you how it will be
  he claims the door is locked and only he has got the key
  he calls himself an elder but he's only thirty three
  he's got merry meat, he merry parts your legs to blissed be

  he says you best get used to it, it's part of the religion
  you think he might be full of shit but you're a trusting pigeon
  he brings you to a circle and the priest gives you a shove in
  says we like polyamory and lots of carnal lovin
  so if you fuck my friends and me we'll let you in our coven
  and if you want a family, we'll put one in your oven

    witch war, twitch. lure.
    witch war, pitch... score!
    witch war, ditch. gore.
    is he a lady conqueror
    or just a soldier in a witch war?

  you'd think we get enough grief from the Christian right wing preachers
  we shouldn't have to bite each other like some feral creatures
  I hear there's trouble brewing with the Voodons and the Wiccans
  they're sacrificing values and they're sacrificing chickens
  and some folks scam the new age kids because they're easy pickens
  a bunch of Pagan characters right out of Charles Dickens

  now I thought being Pagan meant we all should get along
  and that every path has value and there is no right or wrong
  but any time there's power there are those who try to grab it
  like someone comes along and takes a whack at link Laurie Cabot
  some other fool shoots back like Elmer Fudd out hunting wabbit
  they end up coming off like Lou Costello and Bud Abbott

    witch war, kitch  store
    witch war, niche de jure
    witch war, switch. roar.
    you know I ain't no carnivore
    ain't got no stomach for no witch war

  I know a couple women who were married to each other
  and they were polyamorous and soon they found another
  and then a jealous friend of one of the third woman's ex's
  started raising bad juju and casting nasty hexes
  so everybody found out just what power over sex is
  rippin at each other like tyrannasaurus rexes

  an it harm none do as ye will must be the only law
  and if you got a problem with that sticking in your craw
  then maybe you're a power monger trying hard to squeeze us
  and you will not be welcome here until your witch war ceases
  everybody must be free to do as he/she pleases
  no matter if they follow Satan, Buddha, Bob or Jesus

    witch war, rich. poor.
    witch war, snitch. bore.
    witch war, bitch. whore.
    try to make life a chore
    try to draft us for a witch war

    witch war, are you a big predator?
    witch war, tell me what's it all for?
    witch war, hey! who's minding the store?
    I can't take it no more
    you better quit it with the witch war

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