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be excellent to each other
Ganja George

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar
Diana: cello
Jammin Sam: mandolin, vocals
Kevin: bass, vocals
Tawnney: drums
Nighthawk: djembe, vocals

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party on dudes!

  I smoke marijuana
  cause I like to get high
  here's some Americana
  Washington smoked pot so tell me why can't I?

  he was a ganga farmer
  he wanted to be free
  he used it to make paper
  now we wipe our asses on old growth trees

    the link Declaration of Independence
    link Constitution and the link Bill of Rights
    ain't worth the hemp that they're printed on
    if the citizens won't put up a fight
    (to keep em STRONG!)

  I smoke marijuana
  cause I like to get high
  here's some Americana
  Washington smoked pot so tell me why can't I?
  why can't I?
  why, oh why, can't I...


      Ganja George, George
      Ganga George, George
      Ganja George, George
      Ganga Ge-Ge-Ge-Ge-Ge-Ge-George...

    the first president, he was the nation's daddy
    he fought the British and he like to roll a fatty
    smokin everybody out at Valley Forge
    forget about the drug war, remember Ganga George

    he wrote down in his diary "forget the males and leaf
    get some female kind bud and roll yourself a spleef"
    and if anybody ever tried to give him any grief
    he'd twist another number and he'd inhale to the chief

      (spoken by Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Ross)

        TJ:  Freedom of Speech! write down Freedom of Speech!
        all: yeah!
        BF:  and Freedom of the Press!
        all: yeah! free press!
        BF:  hey, this is some tasty reefer! you grow this Tom?
        TJ:  nah, that's George's crop. we already smoked all mine.
        GW:  don't forget the Right to Bear Arms.
        all: good one!
        BF:  George, you got any of this bud to sell?
        GW:  sorry Ben, I used most of it to pay my taxes.
        TJ:  and Freedom of Religion!
        BF:  that's right! people must be free to worship the god
        BR:  or goddess
        BF:  of their choice
        all: yeah! religious freedom rocks!
        TJ:  and you can't be searched without just cause
        all: right on!
        GW:  well I guess that about covers it
        BR:  what about the Right to Get High?
        all: (laugh)
        BF:  oh, I don't think that will be necessary, Betsy
        TJ:  after all, we farmers are required by law to grow hemp!
        GW:  besides, what kind of image Dick headed government would
             outlaw putting a smile on your face?
        all: (laugh)

    George Washington grew the country's finest aroma sinsimillia
    tasty killer nuggets that would rock and roll and reel ya
    give you cottonmouth and munchies so you drink some ale and gorge
    forget about the drug war, remember Ganga George
    remember Ganga George
    remember Ganga George...

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