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be excellent to each other
Move Over Jehova

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster and Loke E. Coyote

Trickster: vocals, guitar
Diana: mandolin
Jammin Sam: viola
Andrea: bass
Gary: drums

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party on dudes!

  I woke up Sunday morning and my head was mighty sore
  there were two Jehova Witnesses a'knocking at my door
  they were preaching word-O-god at ninety miles an hour
  but nine AM on Sunday is a most ungodly hour
  I thanked them for their interest and I told them that I'm Pagan
  the taller woman made a face that looked like Ronald Reagan
  they said Jehova sent them out recruiting in his name
  I told them I respect their path and asked them for the same

    move over Jehova, now do you understand?
    move over Jehova, here come Diana and Pan
    move over Jehova, oh baby son-O-man
    move over Jehova, and dig it if you can

  they had some propoganda printed on some ground up trees
  they said "it's very interesting, take one, would you please"
  the pamphlet had a picture of an earthly paradise
  a garden planet under God, now wouldn't that be nice
  to make the dream come true we all must worShip the messiah
  but Pagans got it going on, I told them about Gaia
  and lots of little villages with perfect trust and love
  and we ain't got no rule you gotta fear some god above

    move over Jehova, don't tell me what to do
    move over Jehova, I don't believe in you
    move over Jehova, let me out of your zoo
    move over Jehova, and take your witnesses too

  (instrumental verse)

    move over Jehova, don't be saving my soul
    move over Jehova, I got it under control
    move over Jehova, don't throw me in your hell hole
    move over Jehova, and let the boy rock and roll

  the shorter woman asked me who I thought created me
  I said I was the culprit, not some lofty deity
  upon my birth on Mother Earth I was a lump of clay
  and all my life's decisions made me what I am today
  for better or for worse I know I did it to myself
  so spare me all that will-O-god, I'm not the devil's elf
  I started singing Pagan songs and playing my guitar
  they raced each other off the porch and took off in their car

    move over Jehova, and let us do as we may
    move over Jehova, we got the right to say "nay"
    move over Jehova, now do you hear what I say?
    move over Jehova, and let do it our way

    move over Jehova, cause I do not wanna pray
    move over Jehova, I got some music to play
    move over Jehova, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
    move over Jehova, but blessed be anyway

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