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be excellent to each other
She's A Lesbian

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, percussion
Davros: soundbytes, sequencing

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party on dudes!

  I got a female playmate
  she got a female friend
  neither one is my date
  they are lesbians
  to be more specific
  they both claim to be bi
  but they get more from each other
  than they give to any guy

  Last night on eMpTyV
  sexy girls in bikinis
  I am liking what I see
  but these chicks are droolin more than me
  when they want to moan and groan
  they seek out estrogen
  they avoid testosterone
  because they're lesbian

    they're lesbians

    guys try to pick them up
    highly inneffectual
    they don't know they're out of luck
    these girls are homosexual

  here she comes
  and there she goes
  with the finest of foxes
  home when the bars close
  now I'm pretty open minded
  I think people should be free
  to do anything they want to
  I just wish they'd leave some chicks for me

    whoa, oh, they are lesbians
    they're lesbians

    she's a lesbian, she don't wanna fuck no men
    she's a lesbian, got no use for a boyfriend
    she's a lesbian, she like Barbie more than Ken
    no rooster for this hen
    because she is a lesbian

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