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Hold My Beer And Watch This

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, bass, washboards, wood blocks, sound effects

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party on dudes!

  we been drinking whiskey, scotch and beer
  and we're manly men so we ain't got no fear
  now don't be a pussy and tell me it's dangerous
  just shut yer damned mouth, hold my beer, and watch this

  there's a barn with a tree growin next to it on my ranch
  and hanging over the roof there's a big ol' rotten branch
  I'm gonna climb my ass up thirty feet in that there tree
  then one of you boys throw the chainsaw up to me

    hold my beer and watch this
    hold my beer and watch this
    I got a plan that can't miss
    just hold my beer and watch this

  it rained last night all over our firewood
  and that soggy kindling don't wanna burn too good
  but I got a way to start us a big ass fire
  gimme that hose so I can siphon some gas from my car

  me and my buddies went fishing down at the lake
  we found us a six foot water moccosin snake
  now they can't bite ya, or so I've heard it said
  if ya grab ahold of em right behind their head

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