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be excellent to each other
Hodie Oddie

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar, bass, drum machine

Hear a sound clip hear what George Bush doesn't want you to hear!

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party on dudes!

  Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien
  they go against my grain
  it's driving me insane
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  our leaders Bush and Dick
  and all the fights they pick
  they make me fucking sick
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie

  the villian we must fight tomorrow
  was our buddy yesterday
  we gave him guns and money
  trained him at the CIA
  then he gets beligerent
  the hounds of war begin to bay
  so we gotta kick his ass

  this country used to be
  the land of liberty
  home of the brave and free
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  now all we do is fight
  they take away our rights
  I think it fucking bites
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie

  they keep making boogiemen
  since the fall of communism
  try to keep us all afraid
  with the threat of cataclysm
  so they start another war
  terror to fight terrorism
  they can suck my dick
  and swallow all the jism
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie

  they tell the dog to wag
  they say "salute the flag"
  til it's a bloody rag
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  I'll tell you what's in store
  a never ending war
  a planet drenched in gore
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie

  Americans who think they're free
  are victims of a big illusion
  open up your eyes and see
  the fascism and persecution
  they ran out of toilet tissue
  now they use the Constitution
  peace and freedom are at issue

  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  we've got to end this thing
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  we must let freedom ring
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  or we'll all feel the sting
  hodie oddie, hodie oddie
  when the fat lady sings
  hodie oddie, YAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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