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Hell to Pay

Lyrics: Trickster
Music: Trickster

Trickster: vocals, guitar

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party on dudes!

  Good morning America, what's the government got to say?
  Good morning America, what right will you lose today?
  Will it be the freedom, to speak your mind?
  which of your liberties, will you leave behind?
  what they don't take, we give away
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  Pagan rituals, at Fort Hood
  Representative Barr, says that's no good
  then Governor Bush, chimes in his voice
  what the hell ever happenned, to religious choice?
  they try to tell us, how we should pray
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  cops pull you over, no reason or grounds
  search your car, with drug sniffing hounds
  you wanna get a job, gotta pee in a cup
  they took the Constitution, and they tore it up
  the Bill of Rights, took a holiday
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  the word came down, from FDIC
  told our bankers, spy on you and me
  roving wiretaps, government bugs
  they justify it, as the war on drugs
  they take your hair and read your DNA
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  black helicopters, in the city nights
  under the gaze of, spy satellites
  out on the streets, closed circuit TV
  they're watching you, and they're looking at me
  captured on film, and cathode ray
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  Have you read the writings, of Thomas Paine?
  or Benjamin Franklin, flyin kites in the rain
  those who trade their freedom, for security
  will wind up neither, safe or free
  penned like a dog, shot like a stray
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

  Good night America, it's been swell
  Good night America, freedom's gone to hell
  the Founding Fathers, would holler and shout
  we've made the government, they warned us about
  we'll have to take the damned thing apart some day
  there's hell to pay, in the USA

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